Package providing a flexible teaser.

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Last update: 2022-05-14 05:52:12 UTC


This module comes with a teaser module that is essentially a frame for you to create teasers with.

Teaser inspector


composer require futjikato/flexteaser

Create teaser templates

This module is a flexible frame but does not provide teaser layouts as I think those are specific to your page. To create teaser renderer create a content module and add 'Futjikato.FlexTeaser:RendererMixin' as a mixin. Now the module should show up in the

The page selected by the strategy is provided as node so the TypoScript for your teaser layouts can be straight forward. See the code for the current fallback teaser below:

prototype(Futjikato.FlexTeaser:FallbackTeaser) < prototype(TYPO3.Neos:Content) {
    templatePath = 'resource://Futjikato.FlexTeaser/Private/Templates/FallbackTeaser.html'
    pageTitle = ${q(node).property('title')}

The template is just as simple and easy:

<p>Select a teaser renderer in the inspector.</p>
<p>Selected page is: {pageTitle}</p>

Create a custom strategy

This module comes build in with two strategies. "Selected page" and "Newest child" can be considered demos on how you can create your own strategy.