Add users to teams in laravel

0.8.3 2017-12-07 20:36 UTC


What is this?

This is a laravel package that adds team functionality for users in laravel.

Functionality - in progress

  • A logged in user can create a new team
  • A logged in user can modify its' own teams
  • A logged in user gets a notification when invited to a team
  • A logged in user can accept a team invitation
  • A logged in user can decline a team invitation
  • A team owner can delete a team

Assumptions of application logic

This package assumes that you have not heavily modified laravels basic Auth scaffolding. This package also creates several tables in your database. These are: teams, invitations …


Package should be available on packagist shortly

  1. Include the UserTeams trait in your User model.


Run ../../../vendor/bin/phpunit from project root.


None reported yet.


I have added a notInTeam($team) scope to the user trait. It is tested, but something seems a bit off.