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FuelPHP Framework routing

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FuelPHP Framework routing.

Sample code


include "./vendor/autoload.php";

use Fuel\Routing\Router;

$router = new Router;
$router->setType('string', Router::MATCH_ANY);
$router->setType('num', Router::MATCH_NUM);
$router->setType('int', Router::MATCH_NUM);

		'controller' => 'SomeController',
		'action' => 'someAction',

		'controller' => 'UserController',
		'action' => 'create',

		'controller' => 'UserController',
		'action' => 'index',

		'controller' => 'UserController',
		'action' => 'update',

var_dump($router->translate('users/123', 'PUT'));

Besides defining the filter per route definition manually, you can also define an autofilter, which is something callable that will convert the translated route into a controller and action.


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