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Fuel package for loading, saving and accessing config settings

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Fuel package for loading, saving and accessing config settings.

There are multiple formats in which config files can be handled:

  • php
  • json
  • yaml
  • ini

The only odd one is ini. It's the only filetype that can't be automatically formatted for saving. Symfony\Yaml is needed in order to parse and format .yml files.


Get a new container

use Fuel\Config\Container;

$config = new Container;

We'll need to add a path to load the files from:


Now we're able to load config files.

// Load app/config/name.php into the name group

$other = $config->load('other', false);
// load it, but don't store it

// Load json data

Default format

It's also possible to set a default config format. By default this is php.


$data = $config->load('data');
// this will load data.json

Environment settings

An environment will be used to load a secondary config file and will overwrite the default settings.



It's possible to write all the types (except for ini) to disk.


// or use an alternate location
$container->save('data', 'other/file');

The container is aware of overwrites so it'll always save the config file in the place last loaded, therefor overwriting all that came before.

Accessing data

The config Container extends the FuelPHP\Common\DataContainer class. Therefor it's possible to retrieve the data in two ways: through ->get and the ArrayAccess way.

$setting = $config->get('setting');

// is the same as

$setting = $config['setting'];

The first way does allow you to supply a default


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