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Places a SilverStripe website in read-only mode, blocking all write requests.

dev-master 2016-09-04 10:34 UTC

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Last update: 2021-04-13 03:19:21 UTC


This module places your entire SilverStripe site into read only mode to safely reduce downtime during deployments. When activated all DML and DQL queries which changes the data are blocked from executing, allowing user to continue using your site in a view-only mode.

Minimum requirements

silverstripe/framework: ^3.4.* 
silverstripe/cms: ^3.4.*

Installation and Setup

To install, run below from root of SilverStripe installation:

> composer require fspringveldt/db-read-only-mode

http://your-site-url?flush=1 once composer is complete the flush the manifest.

Switching it on and off

Readonly mode is activated by default. To switch it on, find below in _ config/app.yml

    activate: 1

and change the 1 to 0. Then flush again to clear the cache manifest, activating the module.

Switching off exceptions

If you'd like to throw a catchable exception, then switch it on in _ config/app.yml

    throwExceptions: 0

by changing the 0 to 1. Flush the manifest afterwards.