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Requires Silverstripe 5+

CMS fields testing snippets

// for $has_one relation, testing inline fields
$linkFields = SuperLink::singleton()->getCMSLinkFields('SuperLink' . HasOneEdit::FIELD_SEPARATOR);
$fields->addFieldsToTab('Root.Main', $linkFields->toArray());

// for $has_one relation, testing with edit form
$fields->addFieldsToTab('Root.Main', [

// for $has_many relation, testing with gridfield
$linksField = MiniGridField::create(
$fields->addFieldToTab('Root.Main', $linksField);

// for the HasOne/MiniGridFields, currently adding these lines provides nicer UI
$config = $linksField->getGridConfig()?->addComponent(new GridField_ActionMenu());

v3 to-dos

  • Validations for each link type
  • Richer summary fields content
  • Update MiniGridField to use GridField_ActionMenu
  • Remove yml config currently in place for ease of development (convert to yml.example/readme or similar)
  • Modal for adding rather than HasOneMiniGridField
  • Resolve indecision around handling, naming and accessors for Title vs LinkText
  • Broken or empty link reporting
  • Permissions
  • Add awareness of link container objects for orphan reporting/pruning (& potentially expanding config to container/relation)
  • Documentation/readme
  • Formats/themes/styles as optional extensions
  • Cleverer handling of settings/options
  • Apply display logic (and perhaps field sort) via yml config using linktypes x fieldnames (allowing link types to share fields rather than requiring each class to utilise its own fields)