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A general JSON RPC implementation for PHP.

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What's new

Version 0.2.0

  • Implementation of JSON RPC 2.0 Codec.

Version 0.1.0

  • Finished basic implementations.

Getting started


You can use Composer (http://www.getcomposer.org) to install the JSON RPC library.

    "require": {
        "fritz-payment/jsonrpc": "dev-master"


This example calls a JSON RPC 1.0 method "test.echo" on the URL http://www.example.com using cURL.

use \FritzPayment\JsonRpc\Rpc\Codec\JsonRpc10;
use \FritzPayment\JsonRpc\Client\Transport\Curl;

// initialize JSON RPC 1.0 Codec
$codec = new JsonRpc10();
// initialize cURL transport
$transport = new Curl();

// initialize client
$client = new \FritzPayment\JsonRpc\Client('http://www.example.com', $codec, $transport);

// create a new request
/* @var $request \FritzPayment\JsonRpc\Rpc\Codec\JsonRpc10\Request */
$request = $client->newRequest();
$request->setParams(array('test message'));

// send request
$response = $client->exec($request);
if ($response === false) {
    // failed
} else {
    if ($response->isError()) {
        // JSON RPC error
        echo $response->getError()->error();
    } else {

Extending the library

It is possible to create your own implementations of Transports and Codecs.

The abstract Transport and Codec classes and the existing implementations should give you an idea of how to do that.