Contao bundle that adds a privacy policy consent checkbox to the registration

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2.0.0-beta7 2019-02-20 08:35 UTC



This extension provides some privacy features to Contao 3.5.x and 4.4.x (4.5.x). If you have some ideas which we should add or change in the mentioned Contao versions, feel free to create an issue.

We would be pleased, if you could help us with ideas, code snippets or maybe with a small sum of money (> 50 € net). You also can join the project for active working on the features. Please send us an email if you want to help us.


New registration module (GDPR)

Adds a privacy policy consent registration module with checkbox and individual legend and label text. Please Note: You'll need to check the checkbox at editble fields additionally otherwise the text is not visible at the module in the front end.

checkbox-registration.png checkbox-registration_fe.png


The addPrivacyWidget hook is executed when a user opens the privacy overview page in backend. Extension developers can simply add informations to the overview page.

// config.php
$GLOBALS['TL_HOOKS']['addPrivacyWidget'][] = array('MyClass', 'myAddPrivacyWidget');

// MyClass.php
public function myAddPrivacyWidget($arrWidgets)
    // Any Code

Example data for widget

    $arrWidgets[] = array(
        'title' => 'friends-of-contao/contao-privacy',
        'content' => 'Es werden keine datenschutzrelevanten Informationen erhoben.',
        'class' => 'green icon'

You can use green, red, orange and gray in widget class for highlighting.

Video Splash Image for YouTube and Vimeo

We added an option for YouTube and Vimeo to add a splash image before loading the video.


Analytics opt-out

Provides an "opt-out" button via a front end module. This button simply sets (or removes) an analyticsOptOut cookie, which you can then use in your analytics_* templates (or anywhere else) like this for example:


use Foc\ContaoPrivacyBundle\Modules\AnalyticsOptOut;

if (!BE_USER_LOGGED_IN && !$this->hasAuthenticatedBackendUser() && !\Input::cookie(AnalyticsOptOut::COOKIE_NAME)): ?>

  <!-- your tracking script -->

<?php endif; ?>

Optionally this module also allows you to remove all cookies for this domain, with the exception of some pre-defined cookies like the session cookie (if active) or a custom list of cookies to keep.

YouTube no-cookie

Added a checkbox to the YouTube module to switch between standard and no-cookie embedment variant.


This project has been created and is maintained by friends-of-contao

Thank you

christianbarkowsky - BRKWSKY - donating code and ideas

fritzmg - Wiesmüller & Gschwantner OG - donating code and ideas

MDevster - pdir GmbH - donating code and ideas

davidmaack - MEN AT WORK Werbeagentur GmbH - donating code and ideas

leofeyer - Feyer Media GmbH & Co. KG - donating code and ideas

frontendschlampe - - donating ideas and management tasks

Pellinger - - donating 50 € net

anonym - donating 100 € net

Manuel Mederer - VILINGO - donating 50 € net

Julia Hauser - Jumedia Webagentur GmbH - donating 100 € net

If you want to extend the list, feel free to send us an email.