This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the facebook/definition-finder package instead.

Find definitions in PHP or Hack files. Useful for autoloaders.

v1.4.3 2017-01-27 04:46 UTC


This library finds all the definitions in a file or tree that HHVM understands. It is used to generate the Hack reference documentation, and be used for other purposes such as generating autoload maps

This project requires HHVM 3.9 or later - however, if the code being scanned requires a later version of HHVM, definition-finder may not be able to parse it on the lower version.


There are three main entrypoints:

FileParser returns definitions from a single file, whereas TreeParser recurses over an entire directory tree. All 3 of these functions return an implementation of BaseParser. There are three forms of accessors:

  • getClasses(): \ConstVector<ScannedBasicClass> - returns a ConstVector of [ScannedBasicClass](src/definitions/ScannedBasicClass.php], which has a similar interface to ReflectionClass
  • getClassNames(): \ConstVector<string> - returns a ConstVector of class names
  • getClass(string $name): ScannedBasicClass - returns a ScannedBasicClass for the specified class, or throws an exception if it was not found

Similar functions exist for interfaces, traits, constants, enums, and typedefs.


hhvm composer require fredemmott/definition-finder


The API is stable, and this is used in production to generate the Hack reference documentation.

It has been used extensively on modern Hack and PHP code, including all of the Hack typechecker definitions and extensions inside HHVM; it has not yet been extensively used on older code bases - please file an issue if you find PHP code that it can not handle.


This is a recursive parser built on the token stream exposed by token_get_all().


This project is licensed under the BSD license; see the LICENSE file.