A PHP Script that parses an ICS file from SOCS, in a readable format to display elsewhere.

2.0.0 2021-09-30 13:40 UTC

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Last update: 2021-10-30 13:50:27 UTC


A PHP Script that parses an ICS file from SOCS, in a readable format to display elsewhere.


  • Super easy to use.
  • Once you've included it in your composer package, just one line of code will get you a PHP array of Event Objects.
  • Compatible with Wordpress transients, if you use Wordpress.
  • Compatible with Laravel Caching, if you use Laravel.
  • Actively managed - if you have a feature or idea request, please let me know, or even better - submit a pull request.


This project requires PHP 7. I'm too lazy to write for PHP5.6 these days. Get with the program!

How to install

composer install fredbradley/socs-calendar-ics-parser


Wordpress Widget Example

This is written to work with Wordpress and even has Wordpress Caching (set_transient) functionality built in, to speed up page load times.

If you want to see an example of a widget that uses this code, please see this piece of code in my 'cranleigh-socs' plugin. If you like you can install the entire Cranleigh SOCS Plugin, but be aware it's written in Bootstrap 3 with HTML markup specifically for our sites.

Wordpress Example

If you want some help customising it, I'd be happy to help.



  • minNumEvents (default: 5)
  • ignoreCache (default: false) Set to true if you don't want get the object from the cache.
  • cacheName (default: 'calendar-cache') if you have more than one instance of this, you should probably give each instance a unique cache name, so they don't overwrite each other
  • weeksAhead (default: 15) how many weeks ahead to you want to get the events for

Basic Example with Default Options

$ics_url = "<YOUR URL FOR YOUR ICS HERE>";
$calendar = new \FredBradley\SOCSICSParser\CalendarEvents( $ics_url );

Example with custom options

$ics_url = "<YOUR URL FOR YOUR ICS HERE>";
$options = [
  'minNumEvents' => 10,
  'cacheName' => 'my-music-calendar'
$calendar = new \FredBradley\SOCSICSParser\CalendarEvents( $ics_url, $options );