QuantumForms is a customizable FormBuilder that uses the same validators in frontend and backend.

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QuantumForms is an easily customizable FormBuilder that uses the same validators in frontend and backend.


  • Standalone: no dependencies, so it is framework independent and no dependency management is needed
  • Easy to use and extend:
    • add a validator by adding a class to the Validators directory (all validators include the frontend and backend part)
    • add a Javascript Form Error handler by adding a js-closure to JsErrorNotifiers
    • add new type of FormElements by adding a class to the FormElementsDirectory
    • exchange the Form-builder itself by adding to the Forms directory
  • low bandwith (only the validators you use are transmitted to client-side)
  • PSR4


Installing QuantumForms is incredibly easy with composer

composer require franzwegener/quantumforms

Alternatively, if your project doesn't use composer (QuantumForms doesn't have any dependencies, so composer isn't required!), you can simply include and register the autoloader.

require_once $quantumFormsRootPath.'/Autoloader.php';
$loader = new Autoloader();


Form Definition

1). Instantiate your form

$form = new Form('GET', '/desired/form/action.php', new Alert());

2). Define your form elements, and add them to your form. This assumes you've bound your form to the $form variable.

$ageElement = new TextInput('age');
$ageElement->setValidators([new Integer()]);

$nameElement = new TextInput('name');
$nameElement->setValidators([new Alphanumeric()]);
$nameElement->setAttributes(['class' => 'form-control', 'id' =>'the-name-field']);
$nameElement->setHtmlBefore('<div class="border">');
$nameElement->setHtmlAfter('<p>Some text</p></div>');

$submitElement = new Submit('submit');

Form Rendering

3). Inject the form-object into your view

		<?= $form->renderJavascript(); ?>
		<?= $form->renderHtml(); ?>


Extending QuantumForms allows you to use additional elements to your form.

Additional Elements

1). Add file with new FormElement name to the /src/FormElements directory, e.g. src/FormElements/Example

An example extention could look like this:

namespace QuantumForms\FormElements;

 * Example FormElement
class Example extends AbstractFormElement implements \Quantumforms\FormElementInterface
     * (non-PHPdoc)
     * @see \QuantumForms\FormElements\AbstractFormElement::render()
    public function render()
        $attributes = $this->getAttributesString();
    	return $this->htmlBefore.'<example '.$attributes.'/>'.$this->htmlAfter;

Make sure you add your element test in the tests directory, /tests/FormElements/Example.php.

If you would like to contribute your element back to the QuantumForms project, consider opening a pull request with your changes.

Add Javascript Method to be invoked on a form error

Add file with JsErrorNotifier name to the /src/JsErrorNotifiers directory, e.g. src/JsErrorNotifiers/Example

namespace QuantumForms\JsErrorNotifiers;

 * Example JsErrorNotifier
class Example implements \QuantumForms\JsErrorNotifierInterface
	public function getJsErrorNotifier()
	    return 'function (elementName, validatorName){
    	       //do something

Add a test for your JsErrorNotifier to /tests/JsErrorNotifiers/Example.php

Additional Validators

Add file with validator name to the /src/Validators directory, e.g. src/Validators/Example

namespace QuantumForms\Validators;

use QuantumForms\Validator;
use QuantumForms\ValidatorInterface;
 * Example Validator
class Example extends AbstractValidator implements ValidatorInterface

     * @return bool
    public function validate($input)
        $bool = some_validation($input);
        return $bool;

     * @return string
    public function getJavascriptValidator()
        return 'function (input) {
                    bool = some_validation(input);
                    return bool;


Add a test for your Validator to /tests/Validators/Example.php

Help & Support

This project doesn't come with any specific support plan, but I absolutely love helping out where I can. If you encounter any trouble with it at all, please don't hesitate to let me know. Just open an issue and I'll do what I can.