A package for external authentication with FluxBB 1.5.

v1.0.8.1 2014-10-22 11:49 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2021-10-05 12:06:19 UTC


A package that allows for external authentication with FluxBB 1.5, integrating directly with the Laravel 4 framework.


Step 1: Install package through Composer

Add this line to the require section of your composer.json:

"franzliedke/auth-fluxbb": "1.0.*"

Alternately, you can use the Composer command-line tool by running this command:

composer require franzliedke/auth-fluxbb

Next, run composer install to actually install the package.

Step 2: Register the service provider

In your Laravel application, edit the app/config/app.php file and add this line to the providers array:


Step 3: Configure the location of your FluxBB installation

In order to read some configuration values, the path to your FluxBB installation needs to be configured.

To copy the package configuration file, run this command:

php artisan config:publish franzliedke/auth-fluxbb

You can then edit app/config/packages/franzliedke/auth-fluxbb/config.php. Change the path option to point to the root directory of your FluxBB installation. Make sure it ends with a slash.

Step 4: Enable the new authentication adapter

In your application, edit the app/config/auth.php file and set the driver option to "fluxbb1", so that it looks like this:

'driver' => 'fluxbb1',

Step 5 (optional): Set up views for resetting passwords

Follow the default Laravel instructions.

The reset system will work almost out of the box. Just change the reset callback function in the generated controller so that sha1() is used rather than Hash::make(), and use a DB query rather than Eloquent's save().

Note that this does not use the same reset process as in FluxBB, which simply generates and sends new passwords to the user rather than letting the user choose.


Once installed, you can use the authentication feature of Laravel as you always do, with Laravel magically using FluxBB's database and cookie behind the scenes.

Note: This package will not work if your FluxBB installation uses a SQLite2 database, as this database type is not supported by Laravel.