PHP HTTP utils compatible with PSR-7, PSR-17

v0.2.55 2024-05-07 16:22 UTC


PHP HTTP utils library that supports PSR-7 and PSR-17 with basic helpers and common operations.


Using composer.

composer require francerz/http-utils

Featured functionality

HttpFactoryManager class

Preserve per instance, reference of PSR-17 Factories (psr/http-factory). Uses set and get methods to manage existing factory instances.

Individual setter methods

  • setRequestFactory(RequestFactoryInterface $requestFactory)
  • setResponseFactory(ResponseFactoryInterface $responseFactory)
  • setServerRequestFactory(ServerRequestFactoryInterface $serverRequestFactory)
  • setStreamFactory(StreamFactoryInterface $streamFactory)
  • setUploadedFileFactory(UploadedFileFactoryInterface $uploadedFileFactory)
  • setUriFactory(UriFactoryInterface $uriFactory)

Getter methods

Getter Methods will throw a LogicException if not factory has been set previously.

  • getRequestFactory() : RequestFactoryInterface
  • getResponseFactory() : ResponseFactoryInterface
  • getServerRequestFactory() : ServerRequestFactoryInterface
  • getStreamFactory() : StreamFactoryInterface
  • getUploadedFileFactory() : UploadedFileFactoryInterface
  • getUriFactory() : UriFactoryInterface

Automatic setter method

The method setMatchingFactories($factoryObject) receives an object and checks implementation of each Factory Interface. All matching interfaces will be set.

This method is included on the constructor to quick factory setting.

UriHelper class

Provides methods for common manipulation to UriInterface objects.

Creating uri of current request

  • getCurrent(UriFactoryInterface $uriFactory) : UriInterface

Path part manipulation

  • appendPath(UriInterface $uri, string $postpath) : UriInterface
  • prependPath(UriInterface $uri, string $prepath) : UriInterface

Query part manipulation

  • withQueryParams(UriInterface $uri, string $key, $value) : UriInterface
  • withQueryParams(UriInterface $uri, array $params, $replace = true) : UriInterface
  • withoutQueryParam(UriInterface $uri, string $key, &$value = null) : UriInterface
  • getQueryParams(UriInterface $uri) : array
  • getQueryParam(UriInterface $uri, string $key) : ?string

Fragment part manipulation

  • withFragmentParam(UriInterface $uri, string $key, $value) : UriInterface
  • withFragmentParams(UriInterface $uri, array $params, $replace = true) : UriInterface
  • withoutFragmentParam(UriInterface $uri, string $key, &$value = null) : UriInterface
  • getFragmentParams(UriInterface $uri) : array
  • getFragmentParam(UriInterface $uri, string $key) : ?string

MessageHelper class

Provides methods for common manipulation to MessageInterface objects.

Helper setup

  • setHttpFactoryManager(HttpFactoryManager $factories)
  • setAuthenticationSchemes(array $authenticationSchemeClasses)

Creating a request object from server parameters

  • getCurrentRequest() : RequestInterface

Handling message headers

  • getAuthorizationHeader(MessageInterface $message) : ?AbstractAuthorizationHeader

Parsing body message content based on Content-Type header

  • getContent(MessageInterface $message)
  • withContent(MessageInterface $message, string $mediaType, $content) : MessageInterface