v1.1 2014-04-02 17:42 UTC


A PHP implementation of a Trie, which is a data structure mainly used for fast string keys searches.

How to use PHPTrie

Creating a new PHPTrie structure

use PHPTrie\Trie;
$trie = new Trie();

This creates an empty Trie.

Inserting elements

You can add entries to the PHPTrie by specifying a key and a value.

$trie = new Trie();
$trie->add("key", 10);


$trie = new Trie();
$trie->add("This can be any string!", $myArray);


$trie = new Trie();
$trie->add("Make sure it's a string...", $stdClassObject);

Your values should probably have a consistent type throughout the whole trie, but exactly how you structure your values is up to you.

From here on, we will assume that the PHPTrie object has been constructed and is called $trie.

Overwrite values

By default the add method overwrites the values if already exists, if you want to avoid that you can use

$trie->add("blah", 11, false);