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Get user location by IP using Foxlis Geo API: city, country, subdivisions, continent, etc

v1.0.5 2021-03-19 03:05 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2021-08-19 04:14:41 UTC


This plug-in use Foxlis Geo API.


Require foxliscom/geo using composer.


use Foxliscom\Geo\FoxlisGeo;

// Get City
echo FoxlisGeo::location()->getCity();

// Get Country
echo FoxlisGeo::location()->getCountry();

// Get Continent
echo FoxlisGeo::location()->getContinent();

// Get Subdivisions List
$subdivisions = FoxlisGeo::location()->getSubdivisions();

// Get Location Data
$locationData = FoxlisGeo::location()->getLocation();

// Get Accuracy Radius
echo $locationData->getAccuracyRadius();

// Get Latitude
echo $locationData->getLatitude();

// Get Longitude
echo $locationData->getLongitude();

// Get Time Zone
echo $locationData->getTimeZone();

// Get Account Info

Multilanguage example:

// Russian
echo FoxlisGeo::location()->getCity()->ru;

// Spanish
echo FoxlisGeo::location()->getCity()->es;

// English
echo FoxlisGeo::location()->getCity()->en;

// German
echo FoxlisGeo::location()->getCity()->de;

// French
echo FoxlisGeo::location()->getCity()->fr;

// Japanese
echo FoxlisGeo::location()->getCity()->ja;

// Portuguese
echo FoxlisGeo::location()->getCity()->ptBR;

// Chinese
echo FoxlisGeo::location()->getCity()->zhCN;


If you need to configure this plug-in - declare a global function getFoxlisGeoConfig with params like in common config src/Config/common.php:

function getFoxlisGeoConfig()
    return [
        // Your params here
  • foxlis_geo_field_language - default language default en.
    • English en
    • Chinese zh-CN
    • French fr
    • Russian ru
    • German de
    • Spanish es
    • Japanese ja
    • Portuguese pt-BR
  • foxlis_geo_field_session - save result to user session default true.
  • foxlis_geo_field_bot_filter - don't detect geo-location for bots default true.
  • foxlis_geo_field_protocol - protocol "http" or "https" default "http".
  • foxlis_geo_field_development_fake_ip_enable - use fake ip for development default false.
  • foxlis_geo_field_development_fake_ip - fake ip value default "".
  • foxlis_geo_field_account - account key to get account info.
  • foxlis_geo_bots_list - bots list (for matching in the $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT']).