Doctrine SQL Tools Plugin for Symfony1. Task to execute SQL files with triggers, procedures and events in order. Compatible with any kind of database engines.

v1.0.4 2015-08-20 21:39 UTC

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Last update: 2024-05-27 01:13:53 UTC


The sfSQLToolsPlugin is a symfony1 plugin that provides easy way to execute database specific features like stored procedures, triggers, events and any other SQL commands.


It gives you one task to execute SQL files with additional options.


  • Download the plugin

Add the plugin your composer.json requirements:

  "require": {
    "fos1/sf-s-q-l-tools-plugin": "1.0.*",
  • Install the plugin: edit your ProjectConfiguration.class.php file
  • Clear you cache symfony cc


symfony sql:execute [--application[="..."]] [--env[="..."]] [--dir[="..."]] [--dir-depth[="..."]] [--file[="..."]] [--exclude[="..."]] [--delimiter[="..."]]


  • --application The application name (default: 1)
  • --env The environment (default: dev)
  • --dir The directory where to look for *.sql file (default: data/sql/tasks)
  • --dir-depth Search directory depth (default: 0)
  • --file One file to be executed
  • --exclude Exclude file pattern or file list separated by commas
  • --delimiter Query delimiter (default: ~)


The sql:execute task reads *.sql files in search directory and then runs them in order

  • Call it with:

    $ ./symfony sql:execute

  • To work in certain environment run this command with --env option

    $ ./symfony sql:execute --env=prod

  • To use certain application`s database settings use --application option

    $ ./symfony sql:execute --application=frontend

  • If you need to customize the *.sql location dirname (default is "data/sql/tasks"), you can pass a --dir option:

    $ ./symfony sql:execute --dir=data/my/folder

  • To exclude one or more files from --dir folder use --exclude option. In order to exclude "00-misc.sql" file from "data/my/folder" directory use:

    $ ./symfony sql:execute --dir=data/my/folder --exclude="00-misc.sql"

  • In order to exclude many files from "data/my/folder" directory, separate is by commas:

    $ ./symfony sql:execute --dir=data/my/folder --exclude="00-misc.sql, 10-triggers.sql, 20-events.sql"

  • Or you can use glob patterns (exclude all filename which contains words: U_"old"_ and "backup"):

    $ ./symfony sql:execute --dir=data/my/folder --exclude="old,backup"

  • To run only one specific SQL file use --file:

    $ ./symfony sql:execute --file=data/sql/tasks_1/alter-tables.sql

  • or to run one specific file in directory "data/sql/tasks_1"

    $ ./symfony sql:execute --dir=data/sql/tasks_1 --file=alter-tables.sql

  • To search for *.sql file until sub folder certain level use --dir-depth option:

    $ ./symfony sql:execute --dir-depth=5

  • To search for *.sql file recursively pass "*" to --dir-depth option:

    $ ./symfony sql:execute --dir-depth=*


This is your file "00-procedures.sql" content (MySQL)

        CREATE PROCEDURE `simpleproc`(OUT param1 INT)
            SELECT COUNT(*) INTO param1 FROM t;
        CREATE FUNCTION `hello`(s CHAR(20)) RETURNS CHAR(50)  RETURN CONCAT('Hello, ',s,'!');
        CREATE PROCEDURE molo() SELECT 'Molo';
  • Now, setup your DBMS conntecion in config/databases.yml (if you haven't done this yet)
  • And execute this procedures in development environment: symfony sql:execute --env=dev --file=data/sql/00-procedures.sql
  • After you run this task, you should get the following output:
>> sql:execute start
>> sql:execute [00-procedures.sql] CREATE PROC...OUNT(*) INTO param1 FROM t; END
>> sql:execute [00-procedures.sql] CREATE FUNC...RETURN CONCAT('Hello, ',s,'!');
>> sql:execute [00-procedures.sql] CREATE PROCEDURE molo() SELECT 'Molo';
>> sql:execute end

Unit test

  • Unit tests (14 of 14) successfully completed.
  • Tested with:
    • MySQL 5.0.84
    • MySQL 5.1.40
    • PostgreSQL 8.3.8