A Gherkin-based PHP unit-testing framework

0.3.0 2018-09-15 15:28 UTC


A Gherkin-based PHP unit-testing framework

Install it

The easiest way to install Readable Unit Tests (PHP) is to use Composer:

composer require --dev forevermatt/readable-unit-tests-php

Try it out

If you clone this repo, you can use the following command to run the sample tests:

php run-tests.php sample/src

Generate skeleton test files

To generate basic/skeleton test specification and test implementation files, run something like the following (replacing sample/src with the path to your files):

php generate-test-files.php sample/src


  • Tests written in Gherkin (aka "plain English")
  • The ability to unit test PHP
  • One .test file per PHP file/class (containing Gherkin)
  • One corresponding ...Test.php file with the PHP implementation of those test steps

Example folder/file structure

- sample
  - src/
    - Calculator.php (PHP class to be tested)
  - tests/
    - unit/
      - Calculator.test (Gherkin)
      - CalculatorTest.php (PHP implementation of test steps)