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Last update: 2020-05-29 17:45:08 UTC


Helper class to simplify generating a signature for APIs that use HMAC, such as APIs using ApiAxle.

This uses a given shared secret to calculate a signature for a given API key prepended with the current unix timestamp. A different timestamp can optionally be specified, as can a particular hashing algorithm if something other than the default (SHA1) is desired.

Example Usages


The expected common usage:

$signature = \CalcApiSig\HmacSigner::CalcApiSig('api key', 'shared secret');


A more rare usage, in which the time used is 2 seconds in the future (perhaps to compensate for excessive latency) and the desired hashing algorithm is MD5:

$signature = \CalcApiSig\HmacSigner::CalcApiSig(
    'api key',
    'shared secret',
    time() + 2,


Calc API Sig is licensed under the MIT license. See "LICENSE" for details.