General migration command for WP-CLI

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General migration command for WP-CLI

Example migration

  1. Create migration script

    // filename: migrations/1_FirstMigration.php
    namespace WpCliMigrate;
    use Foogile\WpCli\Migrate\MigrationInterface;
    class FirstMigration implements MigrationInterface
        public function up()
            // Do some work using WordPress API
        public function down()
            // Undo some work using WordPress API
  2. Move into folder migrations and execute migrations using WP-CLI

        # Migrate to version 1
        wp --require=/path/to/command.php mig to 1
        # Migrate to version 2
        wp --require=/path/to/command.php mig to 2
        # Revert all migrations
        wp --require=/path/to/command.php mig to 0
        # Status
        wp --require=/path/to/command.php mig status

For migrations that should stop execution, throw exceptions from up/down-methods. I.e. a non-reversable migration will typically refuse a down()-operation: throw new \Exception("Cannot rollback migration").