Package for sending SMS in Laravel ~5.3

v1.0.2 2017-03-27 09:51 UTC


Package for sending SMS in Laravel ~5.3 (use service


composer require "fomvasss/epochta-sms"

register the service provider and aliases in config/app.php:

  'Epochta' => Fomvasss\Epochta\Services\Epochta::class,

Then publish assets with

php artisan vendor:publish

This will add the file config/epchta_sms.php


Edit file config/epchta_sms.php, set:

  • private_key
  • public_key
  • test_mode
  • sms_lifetime
  • currency


##Using facades Epochta

use Fomvasss\Epochta\Services\Facade\Epochta;

Now, you can use next:

Epochta::sendSms($sender, $text, $phone) //return ID SMS
Epochta::getUserBalance()   //return float
Epochta::getSmsStatus($idSms);  //return string status SMS

Function getSmsStatus() return next statuses:

  • Ошибка сервера
  • В очереди отправки
  • Отправлено
  • Доставлено
  • Не доставлено
  • Неверный номер
  • Отрправлено в спам

##Using objects APISMS, Addressbook and Account (original API)

use Fomvasss\Epochta\Libraries\APISMS;
use Fomvasss\Epochta\Libraries\Account;
use Fomvasss\Epochta\Libraries\Addressbook;
use Fomvasss\Epochta\Libraries\Exceptions;
$sms=new APISMS();
$addressbook=new Addressbook($Gateway);
$account=new Account($Gateway);
$account=new Exceptions($Gateway);

Example sended SMS

$res = $sms->sendSMS('SenderName', 'your sms text :)', '+380969416666', null, 0);
$res['result']['id']; // ID SMS

Other method and API see this doc: