Static site generator

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This is a simple library to build static sites.


require "vendor/autoload.php";

//Create an app
class Site extends Fol\Builder\App
    public function __construct()
        //Serve files from /sources/img/*
        $this->addServer('files', 'files/*');

        //Transform and serve images from /sources/img/* to /build/img/*
        $this->addServer('images', 'img/*', 'img/*')->transform('resize,50');

        //Render and serve php files from /sources/pages/*.php to /build/*.html
        $this->addServer('php', 'pages/*.php');

        //Render and serve pages from /sources/data/*.yml to /build/*.html using templates
        $this->addServer('pages', 'data/*.yml')->templates('templates');

        //Build the sitemap with all *.html files

        //Validate all htmls on build

//Serve the files on demand (using the php server)

//Or generate and save the entire site
(new Site())->build();