jsonrpc2 implementation for generic use. Test suite for Nette Framework included.

v1.2.1 2020-04-21 18:18 UTC

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2023-03-18 05:47:23 UTC


This library contains a PHP implementation of JSON-RPC version 2, both client and server.


Download the contents of the lib folder to your project. Then simply include the library:

include "lib/Server.php";

Server methods

$server = new Lightbulb\Json\Rpc2\Server;

// Class based where all the methods in myClass are exposed as user.method
$server->user = new MyClass;

// Anything that is "callable", either built in PHP functions or your own
$server->upper     = 'strtoupper';
$server->userClean = 'userClean';

// Anonymous functions work too
$server->firstTwo = function($str) { return substr($str,0,2); };

// Force a namespace to map to an object method
$server->{'mytesthandler.myfunc'} = array($myObject, 'myMethod');

// Static method calls work
$server->myStaticHandler = 'MyStaticClass::theStaticFunction';

The methods, which are given to the server, can be then called via numbered or named parameters (see json-rpc specification here: )

The server class respects binding of event methods:

// Bind events
$server->onBeforeCall[] = function($server) {};
$server->onBeforeCall[] = function($server) {};
$server->onSuccess[]    = function($server) {};
$server->onError[]      = function($server) {};

For detailed usage see comments with the server and clients class. For detailed tests see tests folder.

Client calls

$client = new Lightbulb\Json\Rpc2\Client('');

Client supports class chaining to call nested methods

$ok = $client->user->login($user, $pass);

will actually result in following json call:

{... method: "user.login" ...}


Licensed under the New BSD License. Copyright 2011 Pavel Ptacek. All rights reserved.