Wormhole corporation tools for SeAT

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0.2.0 2020-06-20 19:48 UTC




Useful tools aimed at helping manage WH Corporation activities.

Curently this is a W.I.P. based on SeAT found here.

Important: seat-whtools is a work in progress and may have some bugs please do report any findings to seat-slack and report it as an issue and please be patient as I am new to the developer scene


php artisan down
composer require flyingferret/seat-whtools

php artisan vendor:publish --force --all
php artisan migrate

php artisan up

Fittings/Doctine Corporation Stocking

This addon allows corporations to monitor then number of doctrine fits that they have stocked within their corporation contracts, given that the contract title matches the syntax. <shiptype> <fitname> e.g Vexor Ratter One. And requires the use of dysath/seat-fitting plugin found here.

Also allows you to see the fit linked with the desired stocking level.

Screen Shot



Allows for the creation of custom corporation certficates based on a list of required skills. Each certificate having multiple ranks to help show members progress. Note for the corporation report to populate please add seat-whtools:CoporationCertificates:sync to your seat schedule.

####Screen Shot Certificates

Any donation to help keep my eve account alive, while spending valuable krabbing time coding, is very much appreciated and can be sent to Kalaik Utama