Neos plugin demonstrating a simple frontend login

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Neos plugin demonstrating a simple "frontend login"


This package mainly serves for demonstration purpose. You should be fine using it in productive applications, but if you need any custom behavior/style it's probably the easiest to create your own login form plugin. It's just a few files.

Setup & Use

  • Install the package to Packages/Plugin/Flowpack.Neos.FrontendLogin (e.g. via composer require flowpack/neos-frontendlogin)
  • Login to the Neos backend and create a new page "Login" (e.g. at /login)
  • On that page insert the new plugin Frontend login form
  • (Optionally) create a page (and subpages) for a "Members area" (e.g. at /members) and protect it as documented below
  • Publish all changes
  • Create a new Frontend User (you can use the neos.neos:user:create command, e.g. ./flow user:create --authentication-provider "Flowpack.Neos.FrontendLogin:Frontend" --roles "Flowpack.Neos.FrontendLogin:User")

Now you should be able to test the frontend login by navigating to /login.html

Protected Member Area

If you want to create a "Member Area" that is only visible to authenticated frontend users, add the following Policy.yaml to your site package:



        # Replace <NodeIdentifier> with the node's identifier to be targeted (you can see the identifier in the "Additional info"
        # group in the Property Inspector of the Neos Backend)
      matcher: 'isDescendantNodeOf("<NodeIdentifier>")'


          # Grant "frontend users" access to the "Member area"
        privilegeTarget: 'Acme.YourPackage:MembersArea'
        permission: GRANT

          # Grant "backend users" to access the "Member area" - Otherwise those pages would be hidden in the backend, too!
        privilegeTarget: 'Acme.YourPackage:MembersArea'
        permission: GRANT

The specified node and all its child-nodes will be hidden from anonymous users!

Note: Replace "Acme.YourPackage" with the package key of your site package and replace "<NodeIdentifier>" with the node identifier of the "member area" node (as described).

Rewriting the template path to your package:

You might want to modify the template(s) according to your needs. Create a Views.yaml file and add the following configuration there:

  requestFilter: 'isPackage("Flowpack.Neos.FrontendLogin") && isController("Authentication") && isAction("index")'
    templatePathAndFilename: 'resource://Acme.YourPackage/Private/Templates/Authenticate/Index.html'

Adjust the actual value in templatePathAndFilename to your needs and copy the original template to that location in order to adjust it at will.

Redirect after login/logout:

It is possible to specify pages the user will be redirected to after login and/or logout (since version 2.1.) in the login form properties.

Hint: In order to redirect to an external URL you can create a Shortcut node pointing to that URL and specify it as target for the redirect options.