Check if email addresses exist on a mail server over SMTP using ReactPHP's famous non-blocking event loop

0.3.0 2013-11-06 10:35 UTC

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Last update: 2021-11-18 14:17:56 UTC


EmailChecker connects to mail servers over SMTP and asks them to verify email addresses. The library uses ReactPHP's event-driven IO layer to handle all the socket communication.

Key features:

  • N connections are opened concurrently and handled asyncronously thanks to ReactPHP.
  • Connections are pooled and kept alive so that multiple requests to the same domain are handled efficiently.


  • SMTP servers respond with any old random response and can't be trusted especially when requesting a mailbox's RCPT (though this approach is better than nothing).
  • MX records are resolved using getmxrr() and therefore that operation is blocking.

To do:

  • Implement React/DNS when is supports MX record resolution.
  • Unit test all of the things.


use Flow\EmailChecker\ConnectionPool;
use Flow\EmailChecker\MailboxUser;

$loop = React\EventLoop\Factory::create();

$emails = array(

$connectionPool = new ConnectionPool($loop, 'flowsa.com', 'stephen', function (ConnectionPool $pool) use (& $emails) {
    $email = array_shift($emails);

    if (!$email) {
        return false; // Returning false will cause the connection pool to drain and eventually die

        function (MailboxUser $email) { // Bind in a closure for the callback that occurs after an email is resolved
            echo $email->getEmail() . ($email->exists() ? ' exists' : ' does not exist') . "\n";

}, function ($str) {
    echo "$str\n";