ETL adapter for bulk operations using Doctrine DBAL Bulk

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Adapter for ETL using bulk operations from Doctrine Dbal Bulk.

Loader - DbalBulk

    DbalBulkLoader::insert($this->pgsqlDatabaseContext->connection(), $bulkSize = 100, 'your-table-name')

All supported types of DbalBulkLoader loading:

  • ::insert(Connection $connection, int $bulkChunkSize, string $table, QueryFactory $queryFactory = null) : self
  • ::insertOrSkipOnConflict(Connection $connection, int $bulkChunkSize, string $table, QueryFactory $queryFactory = null) : self
  • ::insertOrUpdateOnConstraintConflict(Connection $connection, int $bulkChunkSize, string $table, string $constraint, QueryFactory $queryFactory = null) : self

The bulkSize means how many rows you want to push to a database in a single INSERT query. Each extracted rows set is going to be split before inserting data into the database.

Extractor - DbalQuery

This simple but powerful extractor let you extract data from a single or multiple parametrized queries.

Single Query

    DbalQueryExtractor::singleQuery($connection, "SELECT * FROM {$table} ORDER BY id")

Single Parametrized Query

    DbalQueryExtractor::singleQuery($connection, "SELECT * FROM {$table} WHERE id = :id", ['id' => 1])

Multiple Parametrized Query

    new DbalQueryExtractor(
        "SELECT * FROM {$table} ORDER BY id LIMIT :limit OFFSET :offset",
        new ParametersSet(
            ['limit' => 2, 'offset' => 0],
            ['limit' => 2, 'offset' => 2],
            ['limit' => 2, 'offset' => 4],
            ['limit' => 2, 'offset' => 6],
            ['limit' => 2, 'offset' => 8],

In this case, query will be executed exactly five times, taking every time next entry of parameters from ParametersSet.

Local test environment with docker

To execute integration tests for PostgreSQL you will need docker-compose. For a configuration, you can use prepared docker compose file to create your own docker-compose.yml. If you don't use port 5432, then the default configuration should work for you. If in your local environment the port is not available to use, then you can change it to a different one:

        image: postgres:11.3-alpine
        container_name: flow-test-db
            - YOUR_PORT:5432
            - POSTGRES_USER=postgres
            - POSTGRES_PASSWORD=postgres
            - POSTGRES_DB=postgres

Also, you need set this new port for PostgreSQL in PHPUnit configuration (phpunit.xml):

    <env name="PGSQL_DATABASE_URL" value="postgresql://postgres:postgres@" />

To start the docker container, just run: docker-compose up. Now, you are ready to execute the entire test suite:

composer test

For the code coverage, please install pcov.