Base plugin for WordPress plugin creation

v1.0.1 2014-09-03 16:15 UTC


Note there is a boilerplate framework you can use instead of trying to use this manually:

composer create-project flexpress/plugin-framework <pluginname>

Creating a concreate class

You need to create a concreate class that extends the Abstract Plugin class:

class MyPlugin extends AbstractPlugin

You can optionally override the init method like this:

class MyPlugin extends AbstractPlugin
  public function init($file)

This allows you to add your initalisation code for helpers like the taxonomy and post types components.

Install via pimple

Once you are all done setting up your class you need to add the config to pimple:

$pimple['myPlugin'] = function(){
  return new MyPlugin();


Finally to set it up, grab it from pimple and call the init method with the current file, which should be the pluginsname.php file in the root of the plugin folder:

$plugin = $pimple['myPlugin'];