Create your own reservation system, start with an API.

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Reservations api to reserve things (such as meeting rooms)


  • Thing: something that can be reserved. E.g., a meeting room.
  • Amenity: something that can be added to a reservation. E.g., wifi.
  • Reservation: a user reservation


  • PHP => 5.3+
  • MySQL => 5.5


git clone git@github.com:FlatTurtle/Reservations.git
cd Reservations
php composer.phar install
# when deploying, be sure to chmod app/storage to 777
chmod -R 777 app/storage
# create a database for development purposes and add the credentials over here:
vim app/config/local/database.php
# Now add your hostname to the array in this file:
vim bootstrap/start.php

Finally, when doing a commit, please don't commit a filled out local/database.php!

Using artisan to add and delete stuff

You can use artisan to generate the right parameters for a HTTP request towards the API.


./artisan reservations:addUser

./artisan reservations:addThing

//... todo


You can run the unittests by creating a mysql database called reservations_test. A user called travis should have access and the password should be blank.

# create a database for testing purposes and add the credentials over here:
vim app/config/testing/database.php
# run the tests

For more questions, consult the wiki on github.

Copyright and license

2013-2014 - FlatTurtle

Code is licensed under AGPLv3