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Malaysian language pack for Flarum.

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Malaysian language pack for Flarum

The package contains translations for Flarum (compatible with version 1.0.0 or newer)


We install the extension using Composer:

composer require flarum-lang/malaysian

Then turn on the extension in the admin panel.


We install updates using Composer:

composer update flarum-lang/malaysian

Or force update to the latest version (recommended when upgrading to a new version of Flarum):

composer require flarum-lang/malaysian

After updating, we clean the cache:.

php flarum cache:clear

Ask Question

Open an issue on https://github.com/flarum-lang/malaysian/issues/new


How to help for translation?

Please create account on below site then start to translate.



The translation for Day.js comes directly from the source
The translation for validation.yml is based on the language pack for Laravel.

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