Notifications in PHP (notify-send, growl, etc) like that.

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Notifications in PHP (notify-send, growl, etc) like that.


Letting Nod figure out the best Adapter to use (not recommend ATM, only works with some Linux environments):

#!/usr/bin/env php

$notification = new Nod\Notification;
  ->setTitle('My rad notification')
  ->setMessage('Check it.')

Explicitly giving Nod an Adapter to work with:

#!/usr/bin/env php

use Nod\Adapter\Terminal as TerminalAdapter;

$notification = new Nod\Notification(new TerminalAdapter);
  ->setTitle('Look at ya')
  ->setMessage('Let me see what ya got')
  // you can also specify the expiry directly in the send() method:

Creating your own Adapters is also as easy as implementing Nod\Adapter\AdapterInterface:


namespace Nod\Adapter;
interface AdapterInterface
    /* bool */ public function canNotify();
    /* bool */ public function process($title, $message, $urgency, $expiry, $icon);


Nod is available through composer (packagist page), just drop filp/nod into your composer.json and you're good to go:

    "require" : {
        "filp/nod" : "dev-master"

The Nod library can be loaded directly through the composer autoloader, or with any PSR-0 compatible autoloader.

##TODOs, wishlist, etc

  • Platform support (OSX growl, Windows growl, etc)
  • Unit tests (soon!)
  • More adapters for all sorts of zany stuff.