RedBeanPHP queries logger panel for Tracy

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RedBeanPHP queries logger for Tracy

Installation and configuration

Install it via composer:

composer require filisko/tracy-redbean

To make this work you must enable RedBean's debug mode to log your queries. You can simply use RedBean's Facade debug() method.

How to use

Basic example

To use this logger with any application, you could basically do something like that:

R::setup('mysql:host=hostname;dbname=db', 'username', 'password');
Possible log modes:
0 Log and write to STDOUT classic style (default)
1 Log only, class style
2 Log and write to STDOUT fancy style
3 Log only, fancy style (it works nicely with this one)
R::debug(true, 3);

// ... your queries here ...

// Get RedBean's Logger
$logger = R::getLogger();

// Create new instance of the panel
$panel = new \Filisko\Tracy\RedBeanBarPanel($logger);

// Boot the panel (collect and show the panel)

Middleware example

If you are using some framework that works with PSR-7, you could use the logger like that:

// Get RedBean's Logger
$logger = R::getLogger();

// Create new instance of the panel
$panel = new \Filisko\Tracy\RedBeanBarPanel($logger);

// Add to middleware
$app->add(new \Filisko\Tracy\RedBeanBarPanelMiddleware($panel));


If you realized that RedBean puts at the end of your SQL queries something like '--keep-cache' for internal caching purposes and you want to hide this part from the logger, you could simply use a static flag to disable it:

\Filisko\Tracy\RedBeanBarPanel::$showKeepCache = false; // That's all!

If you would like to change the little icon of the panel or the title, use the provided static variables:

\Filisko\Tracy\RedBeanBarPanel::$icon = 'src/path/icon.png';
\Filisko\Tracy\RedBeanBarPanel::$title = 'RedBean query logger';

You can have a look to RedBean's website debugging page to understand a little bit better the examples.