filicious is a high level object oriented filesystem abstraction for PHP.

1.0-alpha1 2014-08-13 15:02 UTC

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This is a high level filesystem abstraction for php, inspired by the Java filesystem API.

Why another filesystem abstraction?

We evaluated various filesystem abstraction frameworks, like Gaufrette. But none of the frameworks we found, provides a real filesystem abstraction. Gaufrette for example is more a key => value storage, that uses a filesystem or online storage as source. Some essential functions, like deleting a directory are not available in Gaufrette. Copying files across filesystem adapters is also not possible.

The benefit of Filicious is that it is a unique layer that...

  • can be used every time you work with files (also for temporary files)
  • can be used across multiple filesystems (also move or copy files between one another)
  • is a nearly complete replacement for the php file API
  • does not hide the file structure
  • provides high and low level functions to the filesystem
  • works with php iterators
  • provides a "merged" filesystem, that builds a merged structure from several filesystems
  • supports streaming
  • provides configurable public url generation (useful for web apps)

Start with Filicious

use Filicious\Local\LocalAdapter;
use Filicious\Filesystem;

// go into your kitchen
$adapter = new LocalAdapter('/var/lib/kitchen');
$kitchen = new Filesystem($adapter);

// and grab the starter menu
$starterMenuInKitchen = $kitchen->getFile('/');

// access the lounge
$adapter = new LocalAdapter('/var/lib/lounge');
$lounge  = new Filesystem($adapter);

// and move the starter menu from the kitchen to the lounge
$starterMenuInLounge = $lounge->getFile('/');

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