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Last update: 2021-11-27 13:07:15 UTC


Felicity Migrate provides migration capability.


Felicity Migrate is made to be used from the command line of Felicity Core. You need to have two settings in place to fully use Felicity Migrate in your projects.

Migration file location

Felicity Migrate needs to know what directories to look in for you migration files/classes. Set a config item in your projects bootstrap as follows:


use felicity\config\Config;

Config::set('felicity.migrate.locations.dev', dirname(__DIR__) . '/migrations');

The dev part there can be any key. The key dev corresponds to a group that Felicity Migrate will keep track of so you can have multiple locations for migration files. This will is important for composer packages that want to provide migrations. Just make sure you choose a key that's unique to your package.

Migrations directory

In order for you to make use of the migrate/make command, Felicity Migrate needs to know where to put the files. While you can input that location manually every time you want to make a migration, that seems silly, so you can do something like this:


use felicity\config\Config;

Config::set('felicity.migrate.migrationsDir', dirname(__DIR__) . '/migrations');


Felicity Migrate has the following commands which are set if you are using Felicity Core which you can run.

./felicity migrate/list

This will list all the migrations that need to be run.

./felicity migrate/make

This will create a migration in your project in the directory you specified.

./felicity migrate/up

This will run any migrations that need to be run.


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