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You can use this client to consume the Pdf Generator service.

With this client you can use one kind of transport to send the requests :

  • Synchronous transport implemented by BasicTransport

BasicTransport uses the classic HTTP layer to send pdf synchronously.


Pdf Client client needs at least PHP 5.5 to work properly.

Add this requirement to your composer.json: "fei/pdf-generator-client": : "^2.0"

Or execute composer.phar require fei/pdf-generator-client in your terminal.

Entities and classes

PdfContainer entity

PdfContainer entity has three important properties:

Properties Type
sourceContainer PdfConverter
url string
  • sourceContainer is the original PdfConverterEntity sent in the convert request
  • url is the url to fetch the generated pdf


In order to make the client working properly, you need to configure a couple of parameters :.

The configuration takes place in the config/config.php file. Here is a complete example of the configurations :

return [
    'pdf-generator-url' => 'http://pdf-generator-api.com',
  • pdf-generator-url: The url of your pdf generator api

Basic usage

In order to consume PdfGenerator methods, you have to define a new PdfGenerator instance and set the right transport (Asynchronously or Synchronously).


use Fei\ApiClient\Transport\BasicTransport;
use Fei\ApiClient\Transport\BeanstalkProxyTransport;
use Pheanstalk\Pheanstalk;

$pdfGenerator = new PdfGenerator([PdfGenerator::OPTION_BASEURL => 'http://pdf-generator-api.com']); // Put your translate API base URL here
$pdfGenerator->setTransport(new BasicTransport());

$proxy = new BeanstalkProxyTransport();
$proxy->setPheanstalk(new Pheanstalk(''));


// Use the pdf generator client methods...

There are several methods in Translate class, all listed in the following table:

Method Parameters Return
generateUrl string $url PdfContainer
generateHtml string $html PdfContainer

Client option

Only one option is available which can be passed either by the constructor or by calling the setOptions method PdfGenerator::setOptions(array $options):

Option Description Type Possible Values Default
OPTION_BASEURL This is the server to which send the requests. string Any URL, including protocol but excluding path -

Note: All the examples below are also available in the examples directory.