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Flash applicative Bid - client component

v2.0.9 2019-01-23 17:23 UTC

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Last update: 2022-01-29 03:00:32 UTC


This is the client you should use to build auctions session.

The client can use two kind of transports to send request:

  • Asynchronous transport implemented by BeanstalkProxyTransport
  • Synchronous transport implemented by BasicTransport

BeanstalkProxyTransport delegate the API consumption to workers by sending location properties to a Beanstalkd queue.

BasicTransport use the classic HTTP layer to send emails.

If asynchronous transport is set, it will act as default transport. Synchronous transport will be a fallback in case when asynchronous transport fails.

All examples in this document will only use BasicTransport.


Add this requirement to your composer.json: "fei/bid-client": : "^1.0"

Or execute composer.phar require fei/bid-client in your terminal.

Basic usage

A auction is container for bid. So if you want to bid, you must in first instance create a Auction session:


use Fei\ApiClient\Transport\BasicTransport;
use Fei\Service\Bid\Client\Bidder;
use Fei\Service\Bid\Client\Exception\UniqueConstraintException;
use Fei\Service\Bid\Entity\Auction;

$bidder = new Bidder([Bidder::OPTION_BASEURL => 'http://localhost:8080']);
$bidder->setTransport(new BasicTransport());

$auction = (new Auction())
    ->setKey('a key ' . time())
    ->setStartAt(new \DateTime())
    ->setEndAt(new \DateTime('+1 day'))

try {
} catch (UniqueConstraintException $e) {
    echo 'Auction entity is not unique (key already exists)' . PHP_EOL;

// Do what you want is you new Auction instance...

When you create a Auction, you have to chose a step strategy which is used to validate the requested bid amount compared to the value of bid step and the amount of the last authorized bid of the current auction session.

  • Auction::BASIC_STATEGY: validate bid amounts greater than the last bid amount of the current Auction session plus the bid step ;
  • Auction::PERCENT_STRATEGY: validate bid amounts greater than the last bid amount of the current Auction session plus a piece of its percentage defined by bid step. In this strategy the unit of bid step is percent.

Has you can see in the example above, the method Bidder::createAuction returns an identified Auction instance which will let you send Bid instances:


use Fei\Service\Bid\Client\Bidder;
use Fei\ApiClient\Transport\BasicTransport;
use Fei\Service\Bid\Entity\Bid;

$bidder = new Bidder([Bidder::OPTION_BASEURL => 'http://localhost:8080']);
$bidder->setTransport(new BasicTransport());

// Create a new Auction session...

$bid = $bidder->bid(
    (new Bid())
        ->setBidder('a bidder id')
            'key1' => 'value1',
            'key2' => 'value2'

On the same behaviour of Bidder::createAuction, Bidder::bid returns a identified Bid instance.

Note that Auction and Bid are contextable. So you can attach various (or free) context (key/value pair) to your entities and later retrieve bids with free filters.

Retrieves Auction and Bids

Get an auction

You can retrieve an Auction instance with Bidder::getAuction($key).



use Fei\ApiClient\Transport\BasicTransport;
use Fei\Service\Bid\Client\Bidder;

$bidder = new Bidder([Bidder::OPTION_BASEURL => 'http://localhost:8080']);
$bidder->setTransport(new BasicTransport());

$auction = $bidder->getAuction('a key');

printf('Auction id=%d, key=`%s`, created_at=`%s`' . PHP_EOL,

Get auction's bids

Lets see how to retrieve bids from an auction session:

  • Bidder::getAuctionBids(Auction $auction, array $criteria = []) returns a collection of Bid instance (more precisely a EntitySet instance) attached to a Auction instance responding to criteria filters (see below)

Bids search criteria

Criteria Description Type Possible Values
Bidder::CRITERIA_CONTEXT_KEY The context key to seach for (work with Bidder::CRITERIA_CONTEXT_OPERATOR and Bidder::CRITERIA_CONTEXT_VALUE) string Any string
Bidder::CRITERIA_CONTEXT_OPERATOR The Bidder::CRITERIA_CONTEXT_VALUE search operator (work with Bidder::CRITERIA_CONTEXT_KEY and Bidder::CRITERIA_CONTEXT_VALUE) Example: ['Bidder::CRITERIA_CONTEXT_KEY' => 'a key', 'Bidder::CRITERIA_CONTEXT_OPERATOR' => '=', 'Bidder::CRITERIA_CONTEXT_VALUE' => 'a value'] string Could be like, =, <, >, <>, !=, & or `
Bidder::CRITERIA_CONTEXT_VALUE The context value to search for (work with Bidder::CRITERIA_CONTEXT_KEY and Bidder::CRITERIA_CONTEXT_OPERATOR) string Any string



use Fei\ApiClient\Transport\BasicTransport;
use Fei\Service\Bid\Client\Bidder;

$bidder = new Bidder([Bidder::OPTION_BASEURL => 'http://localhost:8080']);
$bidder->setTransport(new BasicTransport());

$auction = $bidder->getAuction('a key');

// Retrieves all bids
$bids = $bidder->getAuctionBids($auction);

foreach ($bids as $bid) {

Other tools

There is other methods which will be helpful for auctions and bids management:

  • Bidder::updateAuction(Auction $auction) update a Auction instance
  • Bidder::dropAuction(Auction $auction) drop a Auction instance (aka erase definitively)
  • Bidder::dropBid(Bid $bi) drop a Bid instance

Client option

Below options are available which can be passed to the __construct() or setOptions() methods:

Option Description Type Possible Values Default
OPTION_BASEURL This is the server to which send the requests. string Any URL, including protocol but excluding path -
OPTION_HEADER_AUTHORIZATION Api Key for authentification. string Any string value ''