F-Droid repo parser library for PHP

v0.7.1 2021-05-19 23:49 UTC

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2023-01-21 20:28:37 UTC


This repo contains a PHP class to parse and use the index.xml/index-v1.json files of an F-Droid repository. I'm using it regularly now for a few years now, so it should be quite stable – though it's far from being perfect. Not much documentation for now. Feel free to use it with your own projects as long as the license fits.

To get started, you might wish to take a look at the doc/example.php file which gives a short walk-through. All source code is also documented using the Javadoc style PHPDoc. So take a look at the latter Wikipedia page for possibilities to generate an API reference, if you need it.

Oh: In case you wonder about the name. Originally I've named the project "Prepaf" (Php REpo PArser for Fdroid). But as not even I myself could remember that name, I decided for something simpler: Frepp, which means as much as "Fdroid REpo Parser (library for) PHP". Finally adopted to the F-Droid namespace, it was renamed once more, to php-fdroid.


  • This class was intended to be used with a local repository. I'm using it with my own (with a little more than 600 apps in), where speed and processing-time seem fine.
  • While it will not work with a remote repository, it will work with just the index.xml (or index-v1.json) downloaded – with a few limitations: as the .apk files are not there then, their timestamps cannot be evaluated for the last-built-time, and if the categories.txt won't be available, it cannot be evaluated either). A quick test with F-Droid's own index.xml and index-v1.json (3,000+ apps) showed speed still seems reasonable.
  • Special addendum: If e.g. with a major update of fdroidserver, its app cache might get rebuild, that means the date an app was added to the repo gets lost. To take caution for that, you can keep that in the Maintainer Notes block using a line in the format AppAdded:YYYY-MM-DD. The library checks that and takes it with preference.


This project uses the GPLv2 license as stated in the LICENSE file.


You like this library and want to contribute?

  • Pull/Merge Requests are welcome!
  • Motivate me e.g. by sending me some mBTC to 1FsfvUGUpoPkLvJboKAnuBXHZ1zN3hbBL1 :)