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Creates modules to view individual record lists.

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2.2.1 2017-09-29 11:32 UTC


This extension provides a "generator" for backend modules which are intended to list one or more types of records.


Initially, the extension does not do anything besides adding an empty main module entry in the module list.

To create a new "record list" you need to add the following configuration to your extension's ext_tables.php:

$GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['EXT']['fbit_berecordlist']['modules']['YOUR_EXTKEY'] = [
    'icon' => 'EXT:your_extkey/Resources/Public/Icons/your_module_icon.svg',
    'labels' => 'LLL:EXT:your_extkey/Resources/Private/Language/locallang_mod_yourmodll.xlf',
    'storagePid' => '(provide a single page uid as an integer here)',
    'tables' => [
        'tx_yourext_domain_model_name' => true,
        'tx_yourext_domain_model_name2' => [
            'allowedRecordTypes' => [
                '(integer value of allowed record type, see the table\'s TCA type column configuration and items)'
            'displayFields' => [
                // Items in this array will override any preset displayFields (either set by TCA or field selection
                // below the recordlist.
                // You may either enter a fieldname and set it to true to simply display its column and value for each
                // record or you can assign an array to the fieldname containing the item
                // "displayProcFunc" => "Classname->methodname" to invoke a user-defined method which transforms the
                // record's column value.
                'fieldname' => true,
                // The parameters passed to the displayProcFunc are: $tablename, $recordUid, $fieldname, $columnValue.
                // $columnValue should be taken as a reference. It contains the (HTML) text content which is rendered
                // in the record list table column row of the current record. You may use HTML in your transformed
                // value. Be vigilant about UTF8 - you might have to utf8_decode your content string to avoid encoding
                // issues in the output.
                'fieldname2' => [
                    'displayProcFunc' => 'Classname->methodname',
    // leave empty to use the default "fbit" main module
    'mainModule' => 'your_main_module_key',
    'moduleLayout' => [
        'header' => [
            'enabled' => true,
            'menu' => [
                'showOneOptionPerTable' => true,
                'showOneOptionPerRecordType' => true,
            'pagepath' => false,
            'buttons' => [
                'enabled' => true,
                'left' => [
                    'actions-document-new' => false,
                    'actions-page-open' => false,
                    'actions-document-export-csv' => false,
                    'actions-document-export-t3d' => false,
                    // override icon using another registered icon identifier
                    'actions-search' => [
                        'icon' => 'actions-filter'
                'right' => [
                    'actions-system-cache-clear' => false,
                    'actions-refresh' => false,
                    // the following two can not have their icon changed
                    'shortcut' => false,
                    'csh' => false,
                // You MUST provide every button that will be in the buttons bar after all operations,
                // including the generation of new buttons based on table or record type and the removal
                // of buttons based on the settings above.
                // If the deep count of button identifiers in the sorting array is not exactly equal to the
                // deep count of available buttons, no sorting will be done.
                // Be aware that the sorting also has to include dynamically generated buttons.
                // The core provides the button "actions-document-paste-into" if a record is copied or cut,
                // so make sure to ínclude this identifier wherever you like to have the button.
                'sorting' => [
                    'left' => [
                            'icon identifier or icon identifier of table or table type',
            // If true, creates an identifier composed of "tcarecords-[tablename]-default", e.g. tcarecords-tx_ext_domain_model_singletyperecord-default.
            'showOneNewRecordButtonPerTable' => true,
            // If true, creates buttons with the identifier taken from the type item definition in the table's TCA:
            // $GLOBALS['TCA'][tableName]['columns'][$GLOBALS['TCA'][tableName]['typeicon_column']]['config']['items'][itemIndex][2]
            // or if no types are available ($GLOBALS['TCA'][tableName]['typeicon_column'] is empty or not set),
            // creates an identifier composed of "tcarecords-[tablename]-default", e.g. tcarecords-tx_ext_domain_model_singletyperecord-default.
            'showOneNewRecordButtonPerRecordType' => true,
        'footer' => [
            // false => fully removed, true => fully visible (depending on further configuration),
            // 'accordion' => create footer "show/hide" button
            'enabled' => false,
            // show the list of possible columns to display in the table?
            'fieldselection' => true,
            // show the checkboxes at the bottom?
            'listoptions' => [
                // Use either boolean values to only affect visibility but not the current status determined by
                // the BE-user session values
                // true => visible, status as is; false => invisible, status as is;
                // Or use string values to set visibility and initial checkbox (and thus feature) status
                // 'set-visible' => visible, status is set; 'set-invisible' => invisible, status is set;
                // 'unset-visible' => visible, status is unset; 'unset-invisible' => invisible, status is unset;
                'extendedview' => true,
                'clipboard' => true,
                'localization' => true,

For each EXTKEY you add to $GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['EXT']['fbit_berecordlist']['modules'] you will get a new submodule inside the main module created by this extension.


Please open issues and pull requests here.