Classic Installer to install the all dependencies

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Do you want your client to be able to install a Laravel project with great User interface and user experience. This installer allows users to create a wizard for user to show and take requirement to create a environment setup on user machine.

How it works :

  1. Check Server Requirements
  2. License Agreement
  3. Setup Database (setup .env , migrations and seed the tables).
  4. User Registration (Optional) You can handle it according to application requirement you can make it mandatory step through config/installer.php
  5. License Code (optional)
  6. Finalise Step (Setting up things for you local machine).

Installation Process :

  1. composer require faveo/installer

  2. Register the package

    • You have to register the package service provider into the “config/app.php” under providers with the following:

    ‘providers’=>[ Faveo\Installer\FaveoInstallerServiceProvider::class ]

  3. Publish the packages views, config file, assets, and language files by running the following from your projects root folders.

    php artisan vendor:publish —tag=faveo-installer

Config Changes for optional features

We have user registration and license code validation steps is optional you can make it required by change environment variables values to true or define these values in .env file.

Go to config/installer.php file and change default values to true

Using config changes:

'is_user_registration_enabled' => env('IS_USER_REGISTRATION_ENABLED',true)
'is_license_code_enabled' => env('IS_LICENSE_CODE_ENABLED', true)

or, You can add these variable in .env




Just start your application with {{base-url}}/install routes.

  • In order to install your application, go to the install route and follow the instruction
  • Once the installation has ran the empty file installed will be placed into the /storage directory if this file is present the route /install will abort to the page 404.

Custom Code Implementation Of User Registration and License Code

After installation you can create your own user registration process and also form validation in it. While your installation part completed you can found the helper class inapp/Helpers/function.php where you can find user registration validation function you can just pass the array of validation to it for validate each request form. The name of function is “validationForCreateUserInstaller” and same “createUserForInstaller” function for user registration process logic.

// user registration form validation 
function validationForCreateUserInstaller(){

	// write user registration form validation in array type 
return [];

// User registration logic
function createUserForInstaller(){

	// write user registration logic here  
return [];

Now, the same for license code of application we have also two function for validate license key and activate the license code in application.

// license code validation check
function validationRulesForLicenseCode(){
	// write license code form validation in array type 
return [];

// Validate license code  logic 
function validateLicenseCodeOfUser(){
	// write license code  to check valid or not  license key
return [];

Change View of Installation process

You can easily change the Blade file each and every step has its own blade file of Laravel so you can customise the view according to your application in resources/views/vendor/installer directory.