Fastly CDN Module for Magento 2.3.x | 2.4.x

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Thank you for using the "Fastly CDN module for Magento2" (Fastly_Cdn).

This package contains everything you need to connect (Fastly) with your Magento commerce shop and to get the most out of Fastly's powerful caching capabilities for a blazing fast e-commerce site.



The Fastly_Cdn module relies on Magento2's page cache functionality and extends its Varnish capabilities to leverage Fastly's enhanced caching technology and Geo-IP support.

The second component, the VCL, configures Fastly's Varnish to process the client requests and Magento's HTML responses according to the Cache-Control headers the Fastly_Cdn module adds to every response.


Documentation for this module can be found in the Documentation folder.


Help using this module can be found by posting to Fastly's community forum.

For Fastly customers with a Support Package please reach out via the normal channels.

If there are issues/errors with integrating the module, please post details in the GitHub repository issues.


The module utilises a number of features of Fastly's services. This section will provide a brief overview of the ones available in the Fastly_Cdn module.

Geo IP Detection: Using the client's IP this allows a regional store to be delivered to the user.

Serving Stale on Errors: This allows an expired copy of content to be used in case of errors on the origin. This prevents site outages being visible to users.

Serving Stale while Revalidating: This allows an expired copy of content to be served while the content is refreshed from origin. This maintains performance while keeping a fresh cache.

Soft Purging: This marks content as expired (before the TTL). Using this means that content can be freshened actively while using stale content to users for a fast site.

N.B. More in-depth explanations of these features can be found in Fastly's Documentation.


We welcome pull requests for issues and new functionality. Please see Contributing for more details.