Modern non restrictive php5.4 ORM. Under developpement.

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The library is currently under active development

Why an other ORM?

For years I have been working with no ORM and I can say I hate ORM because they are heavy, longer to learn, slower... but i love them because it makes your development much more easy and reliable.

Face is per query oriented. That means it's more like an advanced query builder. I wanted something clear an transparent that looks like SQL. But face is not only an SQL builder. In the last years a lot of NoSQL databases have been released. Building a hybrid environment mixing SQL and noSQL is more and more common for a lot of reasons. Face place some effort to create a simple workflow that can mix many databases with performances in mind

Quick Overview

Due to the active development this overview was outdated. We wait to reach a stable API before writing it again.


You just found a bug or weird behaviours ? Issue tracker is where you have to go: open an issue

You want need some help to understand something, need some advices, or you just want to discuss, join the gitter room


Documentation is under renovation. It is coming back as soon as it's ready.


simple benchmark is available at : https://github.com/laemons/ORM-benchmark