Fetch a RSS / Atom Feed and display its content on the Frontend.

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6.0.2 2023-01-26 04:31 UTC

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Display the content elements of the RSS feed on the frontend. The extension is wrapping SimplePie as low level library for fetching and parsing the feed. SimplePie is a fast and well tested library for RSS / Atom. The extension has been almost fully rewritten in 2.0. Make sure to read the migration chapter.


  • Define various Templates that can be picked by the User.
  • Configurable caching mechanism
  • Advanced View Helper that can extract content from feed items.


In one picture!


Project info and releases

Stable: http://typo3.org/extensions/repository/view/rss_display

Development: https://github.com/fabarea/rss_display


Just install the Extension as normal in the Extension Manager and create a content element of type RSS Display.

Users manual

To display a RSS feed on the page : Click on the page where the RSS feed should be displayed and create a new content element.


Choose the "Plugins" tab and then "RSS Feed Display".


Write a header if needed ant choose "Plugin" tab.


In the plugin : 1. Write the feed url 2. Define the number of items to be displayed 3. Tick if the item's description should be displayed 4. If number 3 is ticked, choose the description's length 5. Save and close


How it should look like on the Frontend.



Migration towards 2.0

Extension version 2.0 has been rewritten using Extbase as underlying framework. The database structure was changed. To smooth the migration, run the update wizard from the Extension Manager. The script will take care of building the Flex Form and change the list_type plugin signature.

It is recommended to backup table tt_content!!!


Plugin type USER_INT vs USER

In the Extension Manager, it can be decided whether to handle the cache by the plugin or by the global cache preferences. This is known to be USER_INT vs USER. If set to USER_INT the default cache duration is 3600 seconds and can be changed by TS. If set to USER the cache is as long as the cache page is configured. Do clear TYPO3 cache when changing this value!!

Avoiding cache

Whenever RSS Display detects the parameter no_cache=1 in the URL, the Caching Framework is skipped. This is convenient in development mode or for forcing the cache to be regenerated.

Add a custom Template

RSS Display is flexible enough to add a custom template which is then display in the drop down menu in the BE. The BE User can then pick this custom template. New template must be added / configured by TypoScript like:

# To be added somewhere in your settings
# Replace "foo" by your extension.
plugin.tx_rssdisplay {
    settings {
        templates {

            # foo1 is just a key which must be unique
            foo_1 {
                label = My Template
                path = EXT:foo/Resources/Private/Templates/Feed/Show.html

View Helpers

RSS Display has various View Helpers to interact with a SimplePie object which provides an API for fetching data from a feed item. Some advanced View Helpers are explains below :

# Retrieve a custom value from the item "author". See the API http://simplepie.org/wiki/reference/start#methods1
<feed:item.get value="author"/>

# Retrieve a value of a custom tag according to a namespace
<feed:item.tag namespace="http://purl.org/dc/elements/1.1/" tag="foo"/>

# Retrieve multiple values from a tag according to a namespace
# The example uses the shorthand syntax of Fluid - @see http://forge.typo3.org/issues/5033
<f:for each="{feed:item.tags(namespace: 'http://purl.org/dc/elements/1.1/' tag: 'bar')}" as="value">
{namespace feed=Fab\RssDisplay\ViewHelpers}




Data type



Life time of the cache. The value is relevant only if the extension is a USER_INT which is the default. The extension can also be configured as USER in the Extension Manager.