This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the phpcurl/curlwrapper package instead.

The simplest OOP wrapper for curl, curl_multi, curl_share functions. Use CURL as a dependency, not hard-coded!

0.1.2 2016-02-02 08:53 UTC


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The simplest OOP-style wrapper for the standard php curl functions. The main purpose is to make code that uses curl calls testable. We do it by injecting the Curl object as a dependency instead of calling curl functions directly.

Not testabe code. Hard-coded dependencies.

class MyApiClient {
    function call($url)
        $ch = curl_init($url);
        curl_set_opt($ch, ...)
        return curl_exec($ch);

Testable code. Curl object is injected, so can be easily mocked in PHPUnit.

class MyApiClient {
    private $curl;
    function __construct(\F3\CurlWrapper\Curl $curl)
        $this->curl = $curl;
    function call($url)
        return $this->curl->exec($ch);


Via composer: $ composer require "f3ath/curlwrapper"

Basic usage examples. Functional vs OOP style


Functional OOP
$h = curl_init($url); $curl = new Curl($url); or $curl->init($url)
curl_close($h); unset($curl);
$e = curl_errno($h); $e = $curl->errno();
$e = curl_error($h); $e = $curl->error();
$i = curl_getinfo($h, $opt); $i = $curl->getInfo($opt);
curl_setopt($h, $opt, $val); $curl->setOpt($opt, $val);
curl_setopt_array($h, $array); $curl->setOptArray($array);
curl_version($age) Curl::version($age);
curl_strerror($errornum) Curl::strerror($errornum);
$h2 = curl_copy_handle($h); $curl2 = clone($curl);
$result = curl_exec($h); $result = $curl->exec();
$res = curl_pause($h, $mask); $res = $curl->pause($mask);
$res = curl_escape($h, $str); $res = $curl->escape($str);
$res = curl_unescape($h, $str); $res = $curl->unescape($str);


Functional OOP
curl_multi_init(); $cm = new CurlMulti();
curl_multi_close($h); unset($cm);
$i = curl_multi_add_handle($mh, $ch); $i = $cm->add($curl);
$i = curl_multi_remove_handle($mh, $ch); $i = $cm->remove($curl);
$i = curl_multi_exec($mh, $running); $i = $cm->exec($running);
$s = curl_multi_getcontent($ch); $s = $cm->getContent($curl);
$a = curl_multi_info_read($mh, $msgs); $a = $cm->infoRead($msgs);
$i = curl_multi_select($mh, $timeout); $i = $cm->select($timeout);
$r = curl_multi_setopt($h, $opt, $val); $r = $cm->setOpt($opt, $val);


Functional OOP
curl_share_init(); $cs = new CurlShare();
curl_share_close($h); unset($cs);
$r = curl_multi_setopt($h, $opt, $val); $r = $cs->setOpt($opt, $val);

Auto retry and error control through exceptions

Curl::exec() can automatically retry in case of an error (i.e. network is unstable). It also is able to throw a RuntimeException if an error occurs.

$curl = new Curl('http://example.com');
$curl->setOpt(CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, true);
try {
    // try 3 times, if unable throw a RuntimeException
    $curl->exec(3, true);
} catch (CurlException $e) {
    $message = $e->getMessage();
    $curlErrorNumber = $e->getCode();