A simple php library to work with DNSMadeEasy's API v2.0

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PHP Library for DNSMadeEasy's API V2.0

This is a simple PHP library to work with DNSMadeEasy's v2.0 API. The operations are pretty low-level, although if required, I hope the community can work together to build a version that abstracts away most of the low-level operations.

All operations for the v2.0 API is supported and implemented.

At the moment, my needs are pretty simple, so the low-level operations suits me just fine 😄

I have taken inspiration from the v1.2 library and most operations should pretty much be drop-in, although some operations will need you to update your code a bit.

I have also done some testing and experimenting as DME's API documents are sorely lacking in certain areas and seems to be missing some operations, so most of those operations have been implemented.

Getting Started


Simply include Autoloader.php and initialise it:

require_once 'path/to/DNSMadeEasy/Autoloader.php';

Using the library

The operations are all contained in the resource classes. Look for them inside the resource folder. If a body is available, the library tries to decode the JSON object, so you can access the object directly under the body property.

Here's a simple example:

$client = new DNSMadeEasy\Client('myapikey', 'mysecretkey', true); //The last parameter says to use the sandbox
$result = $client->domains()->add('testdomain.com');


$result2 = $client->domains()->update($result->body->id, array('gtdEnabled' => true)); //Enable global traffic direct for that domain



The library contains a nice debugger so that you can see the requests sent to the server and the corresponding response.

To enable:


The client will then produce some HTML output showing the request and the response. This feature is best used when testing in a browser.


Note: I started writing tests for the resources class (classes that represents DME operations like domains, records etc), however, I had lots of problems trying to get them to work against DME's sandbox. Mainly because things like adding and deleting domains would take a long time for a unit test. Deleting domains would also not delete immediately, and I have deleted domains stuck in my account for more than a few days. I have stopped working on those tests for now, but contributions and pull request are certainly much appreciated! I hope that someone can build a fake_DME like fake_braintree, so that it is easier to test the resources and also, so that we can run tests on Travis.

To run the tests, you need to set some environment variables. On Linux, you can set them this way:

export APIKEY=my_api_key
export SECRETKEY=my_secret_key

Then, simply go into the tests folder and run phpunit:

cd tests