Bundle of the legacy netgen/ngsymfonytools extension

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v1.0.5 2014-08-28 09:19 UTC


ngsymfonytools-bundle integrates the legacy netgen/ngsymfonytools as a Legacy bundle, a feature introduced in eZ Publish 5.3 (see https://github.com/ezsystems/ezpublish-kernel/pull/719).


Installing this bundle will automatically install (via composer) the legacy extension, and enable it transparently.


It shouldn't be required to install it, since it is required by ezsystems/comments-bundle, and installed by default.

If need be, run composer require ezsystems/ngsymfonytools-bundle:* to your eZ Publish 5 app's composer.json, and run composer install.


This bundle is under GPL v2.0 license.