Meta repository to store every eZ Platform translations. This should be used during development to ease synchronization with Crowdin. SHOULD NOT BE USED IN PRODUCTION

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This is a meta repository that centralizes eZ Platform translations to ease synchronization with Crowdin.

Important : This repository is not supposed to be used on a production project, each translation will be splitted in a dedicated package.


If you want to help us on translating eZ Platform feel free to contribute on eZ Platform project on Crowdin.

In context translation

You can enable Crowdin in context translation by setting a specific cookie on a eZ Platform application.

One way to do this is to open the development console (right click, inspect) and run these lines:

Enable :

document.cookie='ez_in_context_translation=1;path=/;'; location.reload();

Disable :

document.cookie='ez_in_context_translation=;expires=Mon, 05 Jul 2000 00:00:00 GMT;path=/;'; location.reload();

Copyright & License

Copyright (c) eZ Systems AS. For copyright and license details see provided LICENSE file.