xxHash implementation in Pure PHP

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Last update: 2024-03-29 03:26:11 UTC


A pure PHP implementation of xxhash

Currently only working for the 32 bit version. (Pre PHP 7.4). 32 and 64 bit version both work with PHP 7.4

If speed is important use the FFI versions (PHP 7.4+)

XXHash is a fast hash designed for file integrity checking. Passwords should not be hashed with this, please use Argon2 or BCrypt.

On PHP 8.1 xxhash is included by default, please use that instead

hash('xxh32',  'string');

for string mode or

$context = hash_init('xxh3');
hash_update($context, 'String1'); // from fgets or similar
hash_update($context, 'String2'); // from fgets or similar


With composer

composer require exussum12/xxhash

Hashing input

xxhash has a seed, this is 0 by default. To make a new instance of xxhash run

use exussum12\xxhash\V32;
$seed = 0;
$hash = new V32($seed);

Then to hash input, run

$hash->hash('string'); ## to hash a string


$file = fopen('path/to/file.ext', 'r');
$hash->hashStream($file); # for a stream (better for large files)

The library can be called statically also, however this removes the ability to change the seed. The default see of 0 will be used

V32::hash('string'); ## to hash a string
$file = fopen('path/to/file.ext', 'r');
V32::hashStream($file); # for a stream (better for large files)

Static functions should in general be avoided, so the first method is the preferred method to use.


Since PHP 7.4 FFI allows PHP to call the native C client. This is much faster, and the preferred way if your running PHP 7.4

Speed Comparison

This is hashing a 320mb file using the stream method. The time is the time take (smaller is better)

Method Time Peak Memory
xxHash Binary 0.081 1604kb
FFI 0.194 27616kb
Pure PHP 49.218 27844kb

Memory measured using /usr/bin/time -v