The Extiverse extension to understand Flarum extension updates

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0.2.0 2022-05-20 20:51 UTC



The smallest planet in our solar system is a great example that small things can have great meaning. Mercury stands closest to our sun and orbits the sun in the least days. It is like a satellite constantly watching over the sun.

This extension helps you keep your Flarum community better updated. I have more plans for it and willing to listen to incorporate your suggestions, but right now it:

  • shows a button in the admin area with the number of available updates to your extensions
  • contains an admin page listing all your extensions and whether they have newer versions available
  • offers a cronjob/scheduled command that can check for updates in your absence
  • can send an email to all admins whenever it finds any updates


Sorry people, this extension is only for systems running php 7.4 or higher. Not being able to use all type hints made me go bald.


composer require extiverse/mercury:*

Go to your admin area and enable the extension. Follow the link on the Mercury page to retrieve an Extiverse API token. Without a token this extension does not work.


Run the command in your ssh/terminal/cli if you want a quick overview of whether extensions have updates:

php flarum mercury:update-check


This extension does not automatically register itself (yet) to the Flarum scheduler. I've chosen against it so that you can configure your own interval; I recommend checking less than once a day.

The command to schedule is:

php flarum mercury:update-check --notify

If you drop the --notify flag no notifications are send to admins.

This excellent discussion by Ian Morland will help you set up your cronjob. Instead of using the command schedule:run use mercury:update-check --notify.