1.0.2 2018-03-13 09:14 UTC


Magento 2 Add Extra Address Fields to Checkout

  • It renames extra address attribute fieldname, datascope to customAttributes.{attribute_code} LayoutProcessor
  • With a javascript mixin it transports them from customAttributes to extension_attributes
  • Plugin
  • In a event is transport the values from object to object. Example Quote Address to Order Address


  1. Add a fieldset.xml
 <scope id="global">
        <fieldset id="extra_checkout_billing_address_fields">
            <field name="attribute_code">
                <aspect name="to_order_address" />
                <aspect name="to_customer_address" />
  1. Add a extensions_attributes.xml
  2. Add a customer_address attribute setup
  3. Add a quote_address field setup
  4. Add a order_address field setup

Example: See the module ExtraCheckoutAddressFieldsTest