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This project aims to provide a way to use composer from within a script, even if it is not installed.

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How to install :

You can choose between :

  1. clone this repo git clone https://github.com/eviweb/composer-wrapper.git
  2. use composer by adding "eviweb/composer-wrapper" : "1.*" to the require section of your composer.json
  3. directly download the Wrapper.php
  4. dynamic install see below

How to use :

Include the wrapper

First, you need to include the wrapper into your code, according to the previous installation choice :

  1. add ``` require_once 'PATH_TO_COMPOSER_WRAPPER_DIRECTORY/src/evidev/composer/Wrapper.php';
2.    add ```
require 'vendor/autoload.php';
``` please refer to the [Composer Documentation](http://getcomposer.org/doc/00-intro.md#autoloading)    
3.    add ```
``` where _PATH_TO_COMPOSER_WRAPPER_FILE_ is the path to the _Wrapper.php_ file    
4.    add    
>        $wrapper_file = sys_get_temp_dir() . '/Wrapper.php';
>        if (!file_exists($wrapper_file)) {
>             file_put_contents(
>                 $wrapper_file,
>                 file_get_contents('https://raw.github.com/eviweb/composer-wrapper/master/src/evidev/composer/Wrapper.php')
>             );
>        }
>        require_once $wrapper_file;    
### Use the wrapper
1.    for a command line use, simply add ```exit(\evidev\composer\Wrapper::create()->run());``` to your executable script    
2.    if you want to use it in the body of your script, and pass specific arguments to the _Wrapper::run()_ method you need to do as the following :    
>        $wc = \evidev\composer\Wrapper::create();
>        $exit_code = $wc->run("COMPOSER_OPTION_OR_COMMAND_AS_STRING");
>        // add more code here for example
>        exit($exit_code);    
where _COMPOSER_OPTION_OR_COMMAND_AS_STRING_ is a composer option or command
### How it works    
The Wrapper downloads the ```composer.phar``` file when created.    
By default the ```composer.phar``` is downloaded in ```sys_get_temp_dir()```, but you can specify a target directory 
by passing its path as a parameter of ```Wrapper::create()```.    
If this parameter is an empty string or if the directory does not exist, ```sys_get_temp_dir()``` is used as fallback    
In case of use of many instances of the Wrapper, created with different directories _(which should never happened)_, 
the first downloaded ```composer.phar``` is used.