Doctrine Message Dispatcher for EventSauce

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composer require eventsauce/doctrine-outbox-message-dispatcher


The outbox pattern is a way to ensure reliable dispatching of events. In this dispatcher events are stored in a database table. A background process is then responsible to retrieving the stored events and pushing them onto a regular queue for consumption.

You can use a tool like to dispatch your events to kafka, or use your own queueing solution.



use EventSauce\DoctrineOutboxMessageDispatcher\DoctrineOutboxMessageDispatcher;
use EventSauce\DoctrineOutboxMessageDispatcher\MessagesInOutbox;
use EventSauce\EventSourcing\Serialization\ConstructingMessageSerializer;
use EventSauce\EventSourcing\SynchronousMessageDispatcher;
use EventSauce\EventSourcing\Time\SystemClock;

$dispatcher = new DoctrineOutboxMessageDispatcher(
    $connection, // \Doctrine\DBAL\Connection instance
    $clock = new SystemClock(),
    $serializer = new ConstructingMessageSerializer(),
    $optionalFlagsForJsonEncode = 0

// This dispatcher can be used like any other:

// >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> //
// For re-dispatching: // 
// >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> //

// Use your own type of dispatcher here:
$destinationDispatcher = new SynchronousMessageDispatcher();

// Retrieve not dispatched messages
/** @var MessagesInOutbox[] $messagesInOutbox */
$messagesInOutbox = $dispatcher->retrieveNotDispatchedMessages(100);

foreach ($messagesInOutbox as $messageInOutbox) {
    // One message in the outbox can result in N number of messages to dispatch
    // Mark messages as dispatched
    // Mark messages as dispatched